Hey Friend

My name is Callie and I work holistically with Plant Medicines, Nature, Energy and Breath.

Since 2015 I have been ‘dealing hope’ to people in need, very often after they have discovered that there is nothing more available to them conventionally.

In 2012, when my eldest son Deryn was diagnosed with a rare Cancer for the second time in just 18 months, I embarked on a long and steep learning curve.

The subsequent 10 years took me on a journey through the complexities of chemotherapy, multiple bone marrows transplants, diet and nutrition and on to the ever evolving world of natural holistic therapies.

I am an advocate for a healthier and more holistic, natural lifestyle as a means to prevent many diseases, including Cancer.

My first book – ‘The Boy in 7 Billion’ was published in April 2017

My first ebook – ‘Empowering YOU to save yourself’ was released May 2021

As a revered plant medicine practitioner, life coach and seasoned public speaker, I am often sought out to offer advice to parents and patients experiencing a variety of ailments – most specifically, Cancer.