Can you help?

Often, I am asked what an individual can do to help push for the end of Cannabis prohibition.

No matter who you are, my answer is simple –

Anything you can!

Advocates and Activists: 

Whatever you can do to help raise awareness, help dispel the myths that have set so many ideas in concrete.

Set up events, put on an educational evening for your local community, gather like minded people and maybe even set up your own Cannabis Social Club.

Talking, sharing articles, attending workshops, being a positive ambassador for Cannabis consumption – anything you can do is fabulous and will go some way to help break down the walls of persecution for those who choose to make healthier life choices.

Growers and Extractors:

If you grow or make extracts and feel able to donate to our cause please do get in touch.

Everyone else:

Even if you don’t grow or make extracts, are an active advocate or a cannabis activist – you can still help the movement more than you maybe believe.

Every time I talk to someone who previously didn’t know about Cannabis prohibition and the harm it causes, I chip away at the belief that Cannabis is to be feared.

Talk, Talk , Talk to anyone who will listen.

I’ll happily dedicate my life to putting an end to Cannabis prohibition and I won’t stop until every adult is able to grow the medicine of their choice without fear of persecution and prosecution.

If you’re in a position to help me financially so that I can continue my efforts, you can donate to my activism fund –  HERE

Many thanks for everything you do to help end this barbaric war on people, I’m proud to have you by my side.