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New PaperBack out now!

On October 5th, Asda stores all across the UK were stocking their bookshelves with my new paperback.

I felt a huge amount of pride as I removed a copy from the shelf and walked, head held high towards the check out.

It took all I had to hold back the urge to tell the young cashier that I had indeed written the book I was now purchasing for a very dear friend.

The feedback has been amazing and the new cover is definitely a hit!

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 23.27.31

The paperback is available now in all good bookstores and many online stores are stocking it also.

Find it on Amazon HERE

Thank you all so much for your support xxx

1 thought on “New PaperBack out now!”

  1. Callie just watch you & your amazing gorgeous son & well through tears I say wow I say wow your both fabulous & totally agree with everything you said & believe in. I won’t go on we all have a story & im sure you’ve heard more then your fair share. I’m writing to say please please please never ever give up the fight & st your campaign up for more of us to support & follow its long over due that the medics like Spain France & in lots of counties we is room for diversity in thinking outside the box. Bre v proud your an amazing young mum & believe me we need people like you you’ve inspired when it’s dark your giving light huge huge mum hugs of support. Lots of love to both you & your fabulous brace son ❤️🌹


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