About Callie Blackwell

About Callie

Callie Blackwell is an advocate for a healthier and more holistic lifestyle as a means to prevent many diseases, including Cancer.

When Callie’s eldest son was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in 2010 and then with a rarer, more aggressive cancer, Langerhans Cell Sarcoma only 18 months later, she embarked on a long, steep learning curve.

Since then, an eight year journey through the complexities of paediatric chemotherapy, radiotherapy and bone marrow transplants to diet, nutrition, herbal and holistic medicine has brought her to realise that the body has the ability to heal itself if given the right nutrition and care.

About Callie

Callie Blackwell is one of the leading cannabis activists and advocates in the UK. She is also a published author.

Her book ‘The boy in 7 Billion’, tells of how she gave her then 14 year old son illegal cannabis after being told that he had less than one week to live.

Five years on, Callies son Deryn, now a young adult, proudly declared himself ‘Illegally alive’ to members of the Parliamentary Panel led by Dr Frank D’Ambrosio in Parliament in June 2018. Callie had been invited to participate due to her knowledge and wisdom on the subject of Cannabis as medicine.

Since witnessing her son’s recovery, Callie has dedicated her life to helping others and has worked closely with Bud Buddies, a non-profit organisation founded by Jeff Ditchfield in 2002 with aims to help people access the cannabis they need to greatly improve or to prolong the lives of their sick or terminally ill loved ones or indeed themselves.

Callie is at the forefront of positive action for an end to Cannabis prohibition in the UK An advocate for those who are silenced by fear and cannot speak out, working tirelessly to challenge the current legal situation.

A seasoned public speaker, Callie has appeared at countless events across the country, always with an aim to educate and empower. Callie recently visited Geneva as a sole representative of the UK, where she attended the historical FAAAT WHO meeting. As a member of the Panel for a review on Cannabis, she was able to make recommendations for change in International Cannabis laws.

Callie has appeared on mainstream media television and radio on many occasions, as well as various national newspaper and magazine articles.

Callie believes that Cannabis should be decriminalised and regulated for medicinal use for everyone and for therapeutic and social use for adults.

Her fight to end prohibition continues.

I will never turn away from someone who has asked for my help, I could well be the answer to their prayers.

Only a monster would refuse to help someone when they have the ability to do so – I’m not a monster” 

Callie x 

4 thoughts on “About Callie”

  1. Hi Callie.

    Our daughter has spent 5 years of her life in and out of hospital due to an extremely rare immune deficiency, she is only 5 years old and will be 6 in a couple of weeks time.

    My wife is from Thailand and I am from the Uk.

    We are desperate in finding a cure for our little girl Tia, she hardly walks due to pains and nasty spots on her body along with swollen joints and has been on several different types of medication for this, she is fed through a NG tube and has a central line fitted for medication, in fact she is on 15 different types of medicene of which we have been told they are no longer working, we are desperate to try something else and hopes that it will work.

    We have been told by doctors that there has only been 6 known cases worldwide with a similar deficiency and sadly there are only two known survivors and our daughter is the second one, at the moment. The other person seems to be doing well, but his outline deficiency has been different to our daughters.

    She has had a bone marrow transplant and it failed and the doctors are planning a second one this Wednesday 29/3/2017 it has been delayed twice due to her having an infection, and me the father is the donor this time, previously it was an unrelated mismatch donor of 9/10 and it failed.

    She suffers with a rare immune deficiency called I-kappaB. In fact it’s very difficult to explain in an email in what is the deficiency is and what it is, even google cannot explain it, and some specialists find it difficult in explaining.

    She has also suffered from microbacterium melmoense which is rare and these;

    Salmonella Enteritis.
    Global development delay.
    Immune reconstruction syndrome.
    Subcutaneous skin nodules.
    Raised inflam markers.
    Nyphrotic syndrome.
    TB illnesses.

    And they keep coming across other forms of rare TB diseases.

    We have been in hospital numouros times due to treatment and none of the medication seems to be working now, even the specialists have told us this.

    The specialists was hoping to cure the infections prior to this transplant and we have now been told that none of the medication is working and the only option for her is to have a second bone marrow transplant and that they are uncertain if it will work or fight off any of the infections she has. So this has left us very worried in not knowing what will happen, because the specialists are all uncertain too.

    I am looking into giving her some other form of medication if the second transplant do not work, I will also try and discuss this with her specialists too, but I pretty much know what there reply will be.

    I am hoping that you could advise me what to give her which will help her immune system and pain, as she rarely walks too.

    We have had some media coverage a couple of years ago, but I decided to stop talking to them due to them not exposing her story correctly.

    Our daughter do have a Facebook page which shows pictures of her illnes and what we have even through as a family, please have a read from the beginning and you will hopefully understand her illness and our experiences.

    It’s called. Tia Pugh immune deficiency. You can even google her name and you will see some of the media coverage.

    I am hoping that someone could contact me with some help and advise in what to give her or a supply of medication, my telephone number is +447525864390 or you can email me Nick@ready2glow.co.uk.

    I do hope someone replies.

    Kind regards.

    Nick Pugh.


    1. Bless your heart Nick, what a journey x I really can only advise that you also contact Bud buddies UK and ask for some assistance. I don’t want to look like a cop out but I am legally limited to what I can advise. Bud Buddies UK is a bank of knowledge about many illnesses, most of the people have been through them themselves. Please look for Jeff Ditchfield directly and contact him x He will do his best to help you xx


  2. Dear Callie,

    With tears in my eyes I read your families story! Wow! I just have a quick question, our son has cancer too and we don’t know if the chemotherapy is going to work (he had several kinds of chemo but the last 2 didn’t do anything but made him very very sick). So my question is, do you sell your cannabis ‘oil’? And if you do, would you send it to Belgium? We don’t know what to do anymore… and I’ve been thinking about cannabis for a long time and today reading your story…

    My apologies for my rather ‘messy’ email… you know how it is, when your kid is so sick…




    1. Hi Mieke x

      I’m so sorry to hear about your little lad. I understand how hard this must be for you right now. I would really like you to get in touch with a group on here called Bud Buddies UK. I’ll post the link too. I’m very limited as to what I can advise, legally, but I am more than happy to recommend Bud Buddies UK and Jeff Ditchfield as a source of great information. They have been inundated as I’m sure you can imagine as I’m sending everyone their way. But please keep trying and someone will assist you. If you can, contact Jeff directly – he is especially keen to assist children x I wish you all the best x https://www.facebook.com/budbuddiesUK/?fref=ts


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